Ridiculous beginning and chaotic warning.
Is this beginning ludicrous enough? pouring daily work stories with personal life cover. But first, lemme being honest, I don't like stiff, too professional and too organized things because it limits me. In fact, professional stories are too boring and too organized to be shared in a fun way, as I would like.
Otherwise, I won't to write down all my personal story and to be honest my daily life isn't that interesting either that I have to share it on this blog. So, the fairest solution is to write down my daily work - because I love my design job and in order not to make it so boring, let me wrap it using personal blog paper gift. 
Okay, this is absurd, but I'm trying to ignore it because on the other hand it's quite fun!

I'm not done yet. This is a stark warning, that I'm not very good at English, maybe you'll find some messed up sentence or structure, but that's okay. Well, you've been warned.
yes. sometimes i am so envy with people's life, about their ease of life, easy to BE who they are, decide their OWN decision, and bla bla bla. but, yes i am realized that maybe those are just lovely things that seems easy outside, yet i don't know the struggle behind.

i keep cursing my life since i can't make a peace for myself. my family. i am too afraid to show my real face, while i always wear my masks out there. i don't know, i keep saying i don't know.

why i never appreciate my life tho? i mean, i've run so far, achieve my dreams, but still hard for me to be happy of my self. i don't know
The hospitality industry must create the best experience possible for customers who may not be the most courteous in return. Below is an example of a hotel concierge’s self-evaluation as she strives to balance quality customer service with the time-sensitive needs of a hotel.

Hi Jennie, these are some bullet points about my self-evaluation since joining HappyFresh about 4 months ago. Not trying to be overproud or humble bragging, below are the things I've tried to evaluate objectively :))

I am not sure this is called accomplishment or not since my leader said in assessment I have a good soft skills things like communication, adaptation, initiative, team collaboration which I think yes I always implement that all. 

For hard skill

In the last quarter, I have assisted more than 300 hotel guests with different needs. Of these customers, nearly 40% have booked a second stay with the hotel in the next year. I have also improved my customer service skills by attending a hotel management conference. My customer satisfaction rates are consistently over 75%.

- Areas for Improvement: I have had some difficulty with delegating duties to other members of the front desk department. Often, I find myself assisting a guest through all the steps from problem to solution, which is not the best use of my time. I could assist more customers if I allowed the front desk agents to complete some of these tasks.

- Priorities and Goals for the Next Period: I hope to have an even more thorough knowledge of restaurants and tourist attractions in our area, and to create a helpful reference pamphlet for guests. Additionally, I hope to raise my customer satisfaction rates to at least 80%.

- Feedback for Management: I really appreciated the housekeeping training we had last month and the new valet parking procedures. In the future, I’d like more regular check-ins with the general manager to ensure that I am meeting my goals in a timely manner.
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